Since Instagram announced Auto-Posting abilities, we've been working away in the background to make sure you'll get the new features as quickly as possible.

As it's only very new, we're still watching how it will affect our lovely Plann'ers.

Here are a few examples:

- If you auto-post using hashtags, they are not counted (i.e. shadow-banned).

- You can only auto-post an image (no video, no carousels etc).

- Reach so far looks to be reduced.

- You can only use auto-posting if you have a FB business page.

There are also rules that we need to abide by and go through rigorous approvals with Facebook/Instagram behind the scenes.

It is obvious that IG have been and will continue to make many changes over the next few months to their API so while people want auto-post - we're not convinced it's the solution everyone was wanting just yet.

We're doing our best to spot the mistakes those in BETA are making and see how we can make it better - continuing our mission of delivering a full management tool that you love using to grow your business.

Until then, you can still schedule your posts and receive your friendly Plann reminders when it's time to post!