*Sigh. Sometimes technology doesn’t go as smoothly as the experience we designed for you.

I’m on a paid Plann and I lost images?
In some very rare occasions, your Plann might experience a temporary loss of communication with our servers, and need a ‘kickstart’.

How do I get them back?

Simply logout of your Instagram account, then log back in.

Tap on your username in the main gallery and you’ll notice a circle with a line through it, this is the logout button, tap this to logout.

Logging back in should re-establish your connection with Plann’s global server network and bring your work back.

Didn’t work? 

We’re here to help. Send a message through the app from the ‘CONTACT US’ button on the menu page or email us at support@plannthat.com – we’ll get back to you within 24hrs Monday-Saturday. 

Run into something that isn’t working properly, or getting a crash?

Every Plann update includes performance updates, but as we support over 10,000 devices sometimes we can miss something.

If you’re experiencing any crashes or performance problems, (and you’re definitely using the most recent version of Plann and have checked there are no updates), we’d love to know about it so we can get rid of it!

Please send us a message through the app by shaking your device until you get the ‘How can we help you?’ message to pop up. Doing this tells us heaps of information about your device, and what steps you were taking when it happened so we can look into it for you straight away

If for some reason the app does not allow you to send it, please email support@plannthat.com with screenshots, what type of device you are using and the steps you were taking when something went wrong.