As of 11th December 2018, planners with personal Instagram pages will no longer be able to use any Instagram scheduling tools.

IMPORTANT: You will only be able to use certain features of Instagram Scheduling tools with a correctly set-up Instagram Business Profile and Facebook Business Page. This change has come about due to Facebook (and Instagram) upgrading their security measures and privacy policies since the Cambridge Analytica debacle earlier this year.

But never fear, Plann is here to help you get set up!

Switching to an Instagram business profile is as easy as 1-2-3, all you will need is:

1. An existing Instagram profile

2. A Facebook business page (you can create this when setting up your business profile!)

Simply go to your Instagram page, click on settings and tap "SWITCH TO BUSINESS ACCOUNT". You will then get the option to OPEN FACEBOOK and can claim your business page.

PRO TIP: After setting up your business profile and business page you will be able to unpublish your Facebook business page if you’d rather not have another social media account to manage!

What are the benefits of an Instagram Business Profile you ask?

There are plenty of benefits for switching to an Instagram business profile, with the biggest one in our eyes now being the ability to schedule your Instagram posts using apps like Plann! Obviously!

If you switch to an Instagram business profile you’ll also be able to set up Instagram advertisements right inside the app, and when you reach the 10,000 followers milestone you’ll get the ‘swipe up’ feature. Huzzah