We'll have you posting to Instagram in less than 2 minutes!

Once you've uploaded your media into Plann and got it looking fabulous with our image editing tools, tap the image to open the draft post workspace.

Write your next witty caption, then tap the clock icon and you'll be able to choose from:
a) your own custom posting time,
b) your recommended times to post (based on your previous results on post activity)
c) when your audience is most online.

Once you've set a time, your post is scheduled.

We'll turn the corner icon on your image a bright blue so you know it's done, and at the time you've selected, we'll send you a notification.

When it's time, simply open the image and tap the Instagram icon (this is us asking your phone to push your work across into the Instagram app). We'll copy your caption.

To publish
Once you've hit the Instagram icon we'll automatically push your image into Instagram, you just need to paste your caption, add any hashtags and hit POST!

Watch how it works here:

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