Yes, you'll get goodies when a friend you invite signs up for a paid Plann membership.

Visit your account settings page and find your own unique sharing link.

How it works

Refer a friend to Plann, and if they upgrade within 30 days, you’ll get $10 credit applied to your account - and so will they!

Cha-ching! Just like that, the credit will automatically be applied to your account balance and will be deducted of your next Plann payment.

Show me the money!

Here's how to share the Plann love & earn that cash!

1. On Plann Desktop, click on your Instagram profile image in the top right hand corner, then settings

2. Scroll to the 'Refer Friends To Plann' section at the bottom of the page

3. Click 'Copy Link' and share it with the world! (This part is important! This is how we know to allocate the credit to you & your referral buddy!)

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