Your Plann Desktop calendar is your go to place to plan out (pun intended) all your content, campaigns, stories, reels and custom events for the upcoming months.

In this section you will find one strategic post suggestion for each day for up to three months in advance. They are creative and very well thought ideas that will help you engage your audience and keep your socials Plann'ed for weeks ahead!

Here is how to view, edit and schedule posts right from the Plann Desktop calendar!

  1. Click the Calendar button from the top menu

  2. Your scheduled Posts and Stories will display as a thumbnail, with the scheduled time

  3. To schedule a new post while in the calendar page, choose a date and click on the + icon

  4. You can choose to make a regular post, a story, a reel or a custom post

  5. Drag and drop your scheduled posts around the calendar if you wish to change the order

That's it! Once you organize your posts into the calendar, you can see all of the scheduled content you have for each month.

If you have any questions or need a hand, please contact support.

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