Wants to share a few pictures about a certain topic with your audience, but wouldn't like to fill your feed with multiple rolls of images? The Carousel Post is for you!

Choose up to 10 pictures and post them all at once, giving your audience the experience of checking out a cool photo album!

1. Tap the + symbol to add media
2. Tap the ‘Carousel’ button
3. Select multiple images you want to add to the post
4. If you want to edit the post, simply click on one of the images, then drag and drop the images in the order you would like

Yes! You can auto post your Carousels to Instagram with Plann and also pre-tag Instagram Business accounts, and geolocations, in your scheduled carousel posts that are eligible for auto posting! 🎉

***Available for all Plann Plus users with Instagram Business accounts. Click here to learn How to Connect your Instagram Business account to Plann.

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