With Plann, you can add media to your own workspace from any public Instagrammer (their account can't be private), or hashtag!

How to Repost:

1. When adding media to Plann Desktop, select the REPOST option.
2. Select if you'd like to repost from someone's USERNAME, or, search a HASHTAG!

Select the images you'd like to repost and add them straight into your Plann workspace.


Handy things to note about Repost:

When you re-post from a USERNAME

We’ll make sure the credit is attached, and that you’ve reposted using a reputable platform to do it.

We can only display images from Instagram accounts that are business accounts (this is a limitation on Instagram's end).

When you re-post from a HASHTAG
Credit will not be attached. This was the limitation that Instagram put on us. Since December 2018, we’ve not been able to pull the credit from the original author and will have to be manually added.

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