Registering on the Plann App (iOS) for the first time?

Oh hey there, welcome! We'll have you up and running with these easy steps!

  1. Open the Plann App

  2. Sign up to the Plann App by choosing the 'SIGN UP WITH EMAIL' button

  3. Create your new Plann account by entering your name, email address and creating a password

  4. Once you've registered your account, you can connect your social pages to your Workspace

Returning to the Plann App (iOS)?

You have the choice to either log in with your email address OR with the 'Login with Facebook' button:

Option 1: Logging in with your email address & password

When you're logging into Plann Desktop using your email address, it will take you to your Plann Workspace.

  1. Open the Plann App

  2. Enter your email address and enter your password

  3. Click the light blue 'LOGIN!' button


Option 2: Logging in with your Facebook credentials

  1. Open the Plann App

  2. Click on the 'LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK' button

  3. Select the page you wish to log in with

PSST >>> Once logged in, you will be prompted to update your login credentials to an email address + password, which is how you will log in on the Plann App and Plann Desktop from now on!

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