After our recent Plann App update you were asked to log in again. Here’s why, and what to do it you’re having trouble.

One Login for ALL of your Plann’ing

Yes, our login screen looks a little different!

We recently introduced Desktop Planning for our community and needed to make it easier for you to log in across all platforms, whether you have an iOS, Android, Mac or PC.

Having Trouble connecting Plann App and Plann Desktop?

To get your Plann App and Plann Desktop talking to each other, you’ll just need to login to both platforms the same way.

For example, if you sign up to Plann Desktop with email, please log in to Plann App with your email too to access your work across both platforms.

OR, if you’re logging into Plann Desktop with Facebook, simply login to Plann App with Facebook and your work will bounce straight back.

I don’t use Plann Desktop, I just use the Plann App - but my work is missing?

Our last update created you a brand new workspace! (read more below)
Simply re-connect your Facebook Business Page(s) and you’ll be back up and running!

What Is a Workspace?

You might have noticed you’ve got a ‘workspace’ now inside your Plann, which is where you can group teams and accounts together to streamline how you manage accounts.
We named it after you!

Learn more about Workspaces

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