Let's get you planning on your desktop and posting on the go faster!

Here's how to sync your Plann App (mobile) with your Plann Desktop account:

  1. Update your Plann App to the latest version in the App Store.
  2. Log out of the App, then tap LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE.
  3. Confirm that you have an Instagram Business Page connected to a Facebook Business Page.
  4. The App will then open Facebook. Tap ‘Log In with the Facebook App’ and confirm.
  5. Choose the Facebook page you’d like to connect to

And just like magic, the Plann app will then sync to your Desktop ✨

Pssst... if you have a go at these instructions and still have problems with your content not syncing between Plann desktop and your app, please reach out to our Customer Success Team at support@plannthat.com. They will be able to help pinpoint any little buggies that are getting in your way and issue a quick fix!

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