Have you heard about the Instagram Creator profile or thinking of switching to one?

You may be one of the lucky one's who has spotted this new account in your Instagram settings, but you may be wondering how this will affect your scheduling with Plann?

The Instagram creator profile is currently in beta testing and has not been open to everyone just yet!

What this means is that there are still quite a number of limitations to most of Plann's features (and those you would get when using other third-party apps, too!) so we recommend switching to a business account instead.

We're sure that the new Creator Profiles will be appealing to a lot of those invited to test them out. However, until they work out all their bugs and open up the analytics, business tools, auto-posting and Instagram API to everyone, we're sure that the Instagram Business Accounts still offer the best options for growing teams and businesses!

For help getting started with Plann and switching to an Instagram Business Account please visit our troubleshooting page!

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