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Suggest a Feature or Improvement for Plann
Suggest a Feature or Improvement for Plann
Updated over a week ago

Think Plann App, or Plann Desktop is missing something that you desperately need, or something that could be better?

Send your love notes, suggestions and ideas through to us at:

We do our best to respond to everyone within 48 hours, Monday through Saturday! We read every single one of them and absolutely love hearing what you need!

Here's how to let us know from directly inside Plann App, you can draw on the screen and show us what you want too:

  1. While you have Plann open, simply shake your device until you see the below pop up and click on 'suggest an improvement' to send us a message.

  2. You’ll be able to draw on the screen, record your voice or video things you think could be done differently!

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