Drumroll please...

The answer is YES!

With the new changes initiated by Instagram you will no longer be able to use your Instagram credentials to sign into Plann... BUT you WILL be able to connect to Plann with an email address and password of your choosing, which will all you to connect your personal Instagram account to Plann desktop! Woohoo!

You might notice a few things that are not yet available on Plann desktop for personal Instagram accounts. Things like your profile image, analytics, previously posted Stories, and the ability to reply and respond via the Plann desktop are limited by Instagram on personal accounts but you still get access to a TON of new features by connecting your email to our Plann account and using our desktop format!

For the first time Plann'ers with an Instagram personal account will have access to Media Collections, Stock Images and Video, AND Canva! We think this is pretty incredible and we cannot wait to see all the amazing ways you create with Plann desktop!

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