Plann Plus members (paid subscribers) can share content across both Instagram and Facebook - and then back again!

The best way to maximize your reach on social media is to cross-promote your content and share it across multiple platforms.

Audiences are slightly different across Instagram and Facebook and they might want different content, so we’ve made sure you have the best tools to re-create your posts quickly.

How can I create a post across both Instagram and Facebook?

When you save a finished post, you will find an option to save and re-create the same piece of content for your alternate social platform. Here's where you find that button!

Plann takes the image and text from your original post and sets it up for you to edit the caption to fit the new platform and new audience. We’ll then help you schedule it at the right time!

Here’s the full process!

Here's how to cross-post your content between Facebook and Instagram.

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