We’re absolutely thrilled to let you know functionality has returned to Plann.

Features restored:

- Connect your Instagram/Facebook page to pull through your existing media

- Review your analytics (including advanced analytics)

- Auto-post to Facebook Business pages

- Respond to comments and mentions you’ve been tagged in

- Login to Plann with your Facebook credentials

Features retired:
- Displaying how many times a hashtag has been used
- Repost media tool

Thank you SO MUCH for your patience, grace and understanding while we had our own unprecedented 2020 moment. (Our entire team of loving humans would hug you if we were allowed.)

Find below FAQs and product updates to help with any questions you might have.

If something feels unanswered, please reach out to our Customer Success team at support@plannthat.com with any additional questions.


Q: Can I login again with Facebook?

Yes! If you logged in using the Facebook login prior to the outage, you can now log back in with Facebook.

You’ll find your previous work safely stored as it was, as it’s stored behind your login.

Q: Can I login again with Instagram? *Your action required*

Using Plann for FREE and logged in using your INSTAGRAM credentials?

Please update your Plann App and follow the prompts asap. We need you to update your details so we can perform maintenance on your account as the Instagram login is being made redundant this week.

This must be completed by Saturday, September 26th (PST).

Q: I couldn’t get into Plann with my Facebook account so I started a new Plann account with email, what should I do?

Now Logged in with email:

If you started a new Plann account with an email address, you can absolutely continue this way. We recommend continuing this way so your fresh, up-to-date content is what you continue to work with.

Simply open your Plann account and check that your Facebook and/or Instagram accounts are now connected (and pulling through your existing media) and you can keep moving.

If you are told your Facebook account is connected somewhere else:

  1. Log out of your new Plann and login with Facebook.
  2. Disconnect your Facebook account from your old Plann.
  3. Log back in with your email and connect your Facebook account to your new Plann.

I used to login with Facebook or Instagram:

If you logged in using the Facebook or Instagram options prior to our temporary outage, you can now log back in using these methods.

If you are logged in Instagram, please note we need to run maintenance on your account and will need you to login and update your details within the next 7 days.

You’ll find your previous work safely stored as it was, as it was kept stored behind your login.

Q: I might have two Plann accounts now.

Can I merge the email account, and the Facebook login account together?

Due to very strict international privacy laws and developer policies, it’s illegal for Plann to merge your accounts and is not something we’re prepared to risk.

Please choose which account you’d like to continue with for the future.

Q: Has Anything Changed inside Plann?

You’ll find almost all of Plann’s features have returned, with two minor revisions.

Hashtag Mentions:

Plann will no longer display the amount of times a hashtag has been mentioned on Instagram while you’re creating your hashtag sets. The great news is that you can still do this directly inside Instagram.

Simply open Instagram and search for a topic, i.e. #catsofinstagram. They’ll show you just how many times that hashtag has been used and potentially display new options too!

Repost Tool:

We’ve become increasingly aware of the way reposting on social media has been impacting the creative community (which is a lot of our own community) and how it might infringe on their copyright, potentially taking away business opportunities and paid partnerships.

Facebook has also recently reflected these feelings by updating their platform terms to say specifically that by using Facebook (and Instagram) you’re posting your own content, unless permissed.

We started to feel uncomfortable that we were doing the creative community as a whole a disservice by not being able to police our repost tool, or guarantee permission was granted. On those grounds we have made the decision to remove this feature for the time being until we can decide on a way forward that is positive for everyone.

Please remember the correct way to share someone else’s content and not violate (or infringe) on any international copyright law is to get permission directly from the person who created the content before sharing. (Tagging them in a caption isn’t enough).

The last thing we want is to put you in a position where you didn’t know using a feature in Plann could potentially land you in a pot of boiling hot legal water.

If you feel you’ve run out of content, instead of choosing to repost, please visit our 3 very large stock photo and video libraries that all have pre-clearance for your commercial use.

Q: What’s new at Plann?

LinkedIn Scheduling!

We’ve recently added LinkedIn auto-scheduling to make sure you’re making the most of the growing work-from-home community! Find out more about Plann x LinkedIn here!

Content Prompts!

It’s e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g to always be coming up with fresh new ideas to post on Social Media, so we added content prompts for over 50 industries that you can use anytime you’re stuck for content ideas.

Learn more about our new content prompts here!

Q: What’s next for you using Plann? COMING SOON!

A new flagship app!

We’re launching a brand spanking new version of our flagship Plann App within weeks, with TONNES of new features!

Schedule Multiple Stories at once!

Instagram Stories aren’t limited to one image, soon you’ll be able to use Plann to design and pre-schedule an entire ‘story’ inside Plann at once.

Cross post from Instagram, Facebook AND now LinkedIn!

You’re about to get 10x more savvy on social media. Create one post for Instagram, then re-purpose it across multiple platforms to hit your audience across the web!

Make sure you’re signed up to the Plan mailing list to get your exclusive first look!

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