Facebook (who owns Instagram) asked to take a look under the hood at Plann and of course, we said yes!

We currently have a temporary outage on a few features (and our @plannthat Instagram profile) while we go through their process.

If you are having issues connecting your account, seeing a few weird code-looking error messages, or finding some features not quite working as they should - this is part of the temporary outage.

Features impacted by the outage are:
- Logging in with Facebook or Instagram

- Facebook auto-posting
- Pulling through your existing published posts into your grid
- Analytics, reposting and hashtag research
- Responding to comments and mentions

Once we have gone through the full process, we'll update you immediately via email so make sure you're signed up already: https://www.plannthat.com/join-our-list/

Q: Can I still use Plann?
A: Absolutely! You can still use Plann to upload media, edit your images, draft your captions, and schedule your posts as normal. Plus on our desktop Plann, you can use our Canva integration to craft beautiful graphics, plus access millions of royalty-free stock images and videos.

Q: I usually login to Plann with Facebook or Instagram, is this impacted?
A: Yes, this does extend to the way you login to Plann. Right now you'll find error messages if you login to Plann with Facebook or Instagram.

Due to very strict international privacy and security laws, Plann is unable to retrieve or share your planned content, as we, under no circumstances, store any of your Facebook or Instagram login details. As Facebook and Instagram do not give us your email address when you sign up or login, we are unable to verify account ownership. While we 100% understand how frustrating this must be, your security and privacy must come first.

The best thing to do is to create an email account and continue forward for now, however this will not display your existing posts for the same privacy reasons. Once we're through this process successfully, the options to login with Facebook and Instagram will return and you'll be able to sign back in to view your existing work.

Q: I login with email, is this impacted?
A: Other than the features that are currently part of the temporary outage, you're good to go.

Q: How long will it take?
A: We know how important this is to both your business and our business. We are doing everything we can to ensure that Plann is up and running as fast as possible, and we expect that will happen shortly.
Please make sure you are signed up for email alerts.

Q: What's next for my account?
A: Our top priority is going through this process quickly and successfully so that we can empower you to build great businesses on Instagram.

Once the process is completed, all current paying customers of Plann will benefit from a fixed subscription price going forward.. This is our way of providing our heartfelt thanks for supporting us during this temporary outage.

No matter what new features, products, integrations or platforms we add to Plann you will have full access to every feature. There is a powerful list we've already started.

Q: What to expect next from Plann?
A: As of next week, you’ll see changes to our Plann product to elevate your brand’s online presence, we're going to make sure you have everything you need for multiple social media channels.

Whether you need to manage a blog, cross-post across different channels, or organize email newsletters – we’re making the tools to help you manage every angle of your business online. By pushing us into a corner to fight for our community, we’re fast-tracking everything possible so that you know you’re supporting a small business that truly cares.

Support Team
We're currently experiencing an overwhelming amount of support emails and can't promise our usual quick response times, however, we'll update this page immediately with any news and will be sending email updates when we have any more information to share.

We truly appreciate your patience,
Love Team Plann

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