So, you’re jazzed about the new Plann app and can’t wait to get your hands on all the new features but you seem to be having trouble logging in and seeing your work?

Never fear! There are a few scenarios that might cause this issue so we prepared a quick FAQ for you. Have a go with this check list and if you still have trouble please sing out to our Customer Success team at Those lovely ladies want nothing more than to set you up for an AH-MAZING time inside our BRAND NEW PLANN APP!

Q: Have you checked to see if your Instagram account is categorized as a Business or Creator account?

A: To use Plann, you need to have an Instagram Business Profile linked to a Facebook Business Page.

Having an Instagram Business Profile linked to a Facebook Business Page allows us to implement their most updated API Integrations and share as much as possible with you!If you don't want to use or manage a Facebook Business page, that's ok! Once you’ve made the page and connected it to Plann, you can simply un-publish the page and there is no pressure to post from or publish updates. We simply need the authorization from Facebook to deliver you more of the great insights we know you need to grow your account. Here’s how to unpublish a Facebook Page

Q: Can you confirm you are an admin of the page that you’re trying to connect?

A: We’re all about security here at Plann! And to be sure that your content is kept safe and secure you’ll need to be sure you’re listed as an admin on the corresponding Facebook Page to your Instagram account! Here’s how you can check these settings!

Q: Have you linked multiple Instagram accounts to one FB business page?

A: You may need to create a new FB business page for the Instagram Business account you want to login to with Plann since you can only connect one FB business page to your IG business profile at a time (and vice versa)!

Q: Can you take a quick peek at your Instagram settings to be sure all permissions have been granted to Plann for access?

A: Facebook recently made some changes that mean Plann’rs might have to reauthorize their settings in Instagram as well!

Q: Did you log in to Plann, only to find an empty workspace?

A: Good news! This is a super quick fix!It’s very possible that during our recent outage you created a new Plann account using a new email in order to continue scheduling content for your brands. What a trooper! All you have to do now is log into that account, disconnect the socials connected to it, log into your Plann Plus account (your paid account) and reconnect your IG and FB! This way you reunite your planned content and your paid features all under one Plann workspace! Huzzah!

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