With Plann, it's easier than ever to manage separate Brands/Businesses in one workspace!

Brands: Each brand contains 1 Instagram account + 1 Facebook business page + 1 LinkedIn profile or business page + 1 TikTok + 1 Pinterest

-This helps you be able to navigate between your separate accounts with ease!

Think of Brands as a way to Plann across your entire business, share assets, and cross-post content... all in one place!


This workspace has 2 Brands : Plann (Business) & Olive and Auburn (Business)

We've made it super simple to navigate between your different Brands! Simply click the account you are wanting to work on, and get started Plann'ing!!

  • If you are ever unsure that you are working in the correct account, just check your Profile Icon in the top right corner!

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