Do you have an Instagram Creator or Business Account that you want to link to Plann?

Awesome... You're almost there! In order to make sure that you are able to access all the great features that Plann has to offer... you need to make sure you have your Facebook Business page connected to your Instagram Business/Creator account first!

Here's how to check that everything is connected properly:

Step 1: Do you already have a Facebook Business page associated with your Instagram Business/Creator account?

If so... make sure that it is properly linked in the Instagram app by:

  • Log Into your Instagram app >> Edit Profile >> Public Business Information >> Page (make sure it is linked here)

Step 2: Make Sure That All of Your Facebook Permissions are Turned On Inside of Plann

  • When you Click to add an account...

  • Click "Reauthorize Facebook" >> Edit Settings >> Make sure that all of your accounts that you want to connect are Selected (or Click Select All) >> Next >> Same thing on this page (Make sure the pages you want connected are all Selected) >> Next >> Make sure that all of the permissions are toggled on to "YES" for Plann to work properly >> then click DONE

  • At this point, your list should refresh and show the Instagram account that you would like to connect.

Step 3: Connect your Instagram Business/Creator Account to the Plann app

  • After you have connected your account, you should see your Analytics start to show up under your "Results" tab soon!

Happy Plann'ing! 😊

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