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What are Brands and What is a Workspace?
What are Brands and What is a Workspace?

Find out the difference between Brands and a Workspace within Plann.

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With Plann, it's easier than ever to manage separate Brands and/orBusinesses in one workspace!

What is a Workspace?

'Workspace' is the term we use to describe your Plann account and all the different brands or businesses you manage within the one Plann account. It is a way of organizing different businesses into separate groups where Plann'rs can navigate between them using a single login. Remember each Workspace can only have a single owner.

Depending on your Plann Plus subscription, you may be managing multiple 'Brands' within a single Workspace. You can check out how many Brands you can manage under a single Workspace by going to our pricing page here.

What are Brands?

'Brands' is the term we use to describe each different brand or business you manage (or may manage in the future) within your Plann Workspace.

Within each brand, Plann allows you to connect the following social media accounts:

  • 1x Instagram account

  • 1x Facebook Business page

  • 1x LinkedIn profile or business page

  • 1x TikTok

  • 1x Pinterest

The example below explains you the difference a Brand and a Workspace:

This Workspace has 2 Brands:

  1. Plann (Business)

  2. Olive and Auburn (Personal)

Although these are two different brands/businesses, they are housed and managed under the single Workspace login, which allows you to easily switch between each Brand and schedule content.

Think of Brands as a way to plan across your entire business, share assets, and cross-post content... all in one place!

We've made it super simple to navigate between your different Brands! Simply click the account you are wanting to work on, and get started Plann'ing!!

If you are ever unsure that you are working in the correct account, just check your Profile Icon in the top right corner!

To find out how to add a team member check out this help article here.

If you have any questions or need any help, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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