We know your planning process is as unique as you, so we’ve made sure we can support you in every way that works best for you – and your whole team!

Here are 3 great ways to utilize your new space:

1) Organize your files together in one place

Upload, store and manage all of your video files ready for your next Reel. Think of it as your own Reels dropbox! Choose to store files ready to create new videos, OR, batch create your content and save them here in your new planning space, ready to post. If you work with a team you may have noticed that even though you’re sharing an Instagram login, and Instagram account – your ‘DRAFT’ folder on Instagram is not shared(!) so your work is unable to be shared across different people.

2) Use Plann’s strategy tool to design your own Instagram Reels strategy

Use Plann’s strategy tool to design a unique, purpose-driven posting strategy so that you’re always on track with what you’re creating, rather than scrolling for hours looking for inspiration and losing hours and hours of precious content creation time.

3) Save links to Reels, audio or effects you’d like to recreate later

Spotted trending clips, audio or effects and want to be able to refer back to them later? Now you can save everything right inside your new Reels planning space!

When you’re watching Instagram Reels and spot something you’d like to recreate, simply tap the 3 dots on the Reel itself and choose to save the link. Easily paste this link, along with any trending hashtags, comments, or username tags (or upload any screenshots), directly into your Reels space in Plann.

Walk through how to utilize this awesome planning space for all your Reels content with Customer Education Manager, Ashley:

Boom baby!
Have any additional questions? Sing out to our Customer Success team at support@plannthat.com and they'll be sure you have what you need to prepare and execute your killer Reels strategy!

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