Media Collections are an amazing way to organise and plan your content. You can organise your collections anyway you want like for each social media platform, different brands, or specific events, promotions and sales you may want to promote.

You can add media from your own desktop device, your DropBox or Google Drive account(s), choose from thousands of royalty-free imagery or even from your Canva account via our Canva integration.

To start with, we have created our own 'Demo Collection' to give you an idea of what to include. Feel free to use this as a guideline or create your own collection. The choice is yours!

To add a Media Collection, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to the Media section in your Plann dashboard

  2. Select 'Add Collection'

  3. Give your collection a name

  4. Select where to add your media from (Desktop, Media Collections, DropBox, Free Content or Canva)

  5. And you're done! Your collection is created

If you want to learn how to share your Media Collections across Instagram and Facebook, you can read our support article here.

You can add additional Tags or Notes to each collection to help organise them for specific content posting. To learn all about Tags, Notes and how to properly utilise them, you can watch the video below.

Learn how to use the upgraded Media Manager with Ashley:

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