One of the most unique things about Plann is our Strategy feature.

It gives you the ability to schedule and plan out your Instagram storyboard so you know exactly what you need to post (or story!) next.

Plan out your Instagram storyboard

If you’re a Social Media Manager, this tool is perfect to teach your clients what you’d like them to think about when running their next content shoot, or learning how to tell their story on Instagram.

We’ve identified the top-performing themes that help spell out a well-rounded story for any brand, taking your audience through all the unique parts of what makes a brand special, which you can add to your own strategy anytime.

Upgrade to a paid subscription to create custom themes

If you’ve upgraded to a paid subscription with Plann, you’ll be able to create custom themes for your business.

Simply create a strategy and import it into your grid and you’re all set - never get stuck with what to post again.

Let's get started creating the perfect, unique posting strategy!

Here's how to create a post strategy on the Plann app:

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