Learn what’s working for you (and what’s not!) to grow your Instagram faster.

  1. Click the RESULTS icon in the bottom navigation.

  2. Scroll down to view your best-performing media, best performing hashtag sets, information about your people, and much more!

New to Plann and not seeing those analytics?
There are a few things that might cause data/analytics to be slowed down a little bit.

Sometimes our data is delayed slightly because we have to rely on Instagram/Facebook to send the data our way. They send everything over at their own pace, which can sometimes cause that slight delay... But usually it will pop up with a little bit of time!

Also, our metrics are only able to show organic data (aka- nothing coming from paid ads). FB/IG currently doesn’t allow paid ad data to be sent to third-party servers like Plann, but we will let you know if they decide to change that in the future!

Learn how to view + use your Results in the Plann app:

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