Are you wondering how you can easily share all your businesses online content on social media using just one URL? Look no further because Plann has the tool for you! Our smart bio link tool, EasyLink allows you to share multiple pieces of content or website links under one smart URL so you share it on all social media profiles.

The EasyLink product will allow you to add your business or brands website links, social media profiles, and/or products under one easy-to-use and customizable smart bio link tool.

How can EasyLink drive more traffic to my brand or business?

EasyLink can drive more traffic than a website or even your social media accounts, by placing all your important links and offers up front and center. A traditional website often requires the visitor to the site to navigate the menu and various sections to find what they're looking for.

With a link-in-bio like EasyLink, visitors are less likely to get lost and find what they need fast. By organising your content in order of priority, adding visuals and clear call to actions, you're making it simple for your potential visitors/customers to convert!

How much does EasyLink cost?

The EasyLink product is included in your Plann subscription, whether you're on the Free trial, Free Forever or Paid Plann subscriptions. Each Plann subscription will have its own level of EasyLink features. You can find out more about what EasyLink features you get in each subscription by going to this support article here.

You've sold me! How do I sign up to my own EasyLink?

To sign up to EasyLink, you will need to already have a Plann account. If you don't yet have a Plann account, you can register an account here.

If you have already signed up to a Plann account, you can register an EasyLink page here.

I want to know how to set up my EasyLink.

To find out how set up and use your EasyLink, check out our support article here.

If you have any questions or need a hand, please contact support.

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