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Just in case you have any questions about our Link-in-bio tool, EasyLink, we’d love to share our most popular questions we get asked with hope it answers yours too.

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How does EasyLink drive more traffic to my brand or business?

EasyLink can drive more traffic than a website or even your social media accounts, by placing all your important links and offers up front and center. A traditional website often requires the visitor to the site to navigate the menu and various sections to find what they're looking for.

With a link-in-bio like EasyLink, visitors are less likely to get lost and find what they need fast. By organising your content in order of priority, adding visuals and clear call to actions, you're making it simple for your potential visitors/customers to convert!

Is EasyLink part of my 7 day Plann Plus free trial?

Yes! Signing up to Plann includes our beautifully designed link-in-bio tool, EasyLink. Access your free EasyLink page and design it any weird and wonderful way you’d like, simply sign into Plann from your Desktop, upgrade to access all features.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

At the end of your 7 Day Free trial, we’re hopeful you’ll continue to build your EasyLink page to get the results and conversions we know are possible! It’s now yours!

Your EasyLink page (and username) will remain published, customizable and editable within your Plann account - completely free!

Some features offered within our free trial are added so you can experience EasyLink to make sure it’s right for you before upgrading so you will find a couple of features included in the Plann Plus tier are removed in our Free tiers, including:

  • Scheduling time-based links

  • Reels displaying and linked within your social grid display

Make sure you try them all out during your free trial!

Is EasyLink part of my Plann Plus subscription?

Yes! Your Plann Plus subscription includes upgrades and additional features to make your EasyLink work harder.

You’ll find more customization options, the ability to schedule time-based links and more link styles that generate clicks and traffic to your website.

By subscribing to Plann Plus, you get the best of both worlds, an award winning social media scheduling tool to help you drive awareness, and an elegant link-in-bio tool that converts.

Does this mean I should cancel my link in bio elsewhere?

Yes! If you’d like to move over to EasyLink, you can cancel your current link-in-bio tool and gain even more value from both Plann and EasyLink as your one and only complete social planner and link-in-bio suite keeping everyone in one place.

Simply cancel your other link-in-bio tool and sign-up with EasyLink + Plann!

You can find a full list of features for each subscription plan here.

Can I change my username/brand name URL?

If you’ve changed your brand, have a typo or just want a refresh, you can change your EasyLink name (which will update your URL too).

You can change your username/brandname by clicking the pencil in the my website header on the top right hand side of your EasyLink workspace.

If you'd like more information on how to change your EasyLink username, you can read our support article here.

How do I add my EasyLink to my social media accounts?

You can add your EasyLink page to your social accounts by navigating to your profile, clicking edit profile and adding your EasyLink into the website field/URL section of your bio across Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and more.

You can read more about this in our support article here.

Can I have more than one EasyLink?

You can have more than one EasyLink brand, but you'll need to create another Plann account.

Can I have multiple EasyLinks using the same Plann account/email address?

Yes! Each brand gets one EasyLink, so to add more EasyLink pages, you'll need to upgrade or add another brand(s).

You can read more about this in our support article here.

If you have any questions or need a hand, please contact support.

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