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Can I Delete (or un-publish) My EasyLink Account?
Can I Delete (or un-publish) My EasyLink Account?
Updated over a week ago

Find out how to delete your EasyLink account and what happens to your EasyLink username.

We understand there might be a time where you may not need your EasyLink URL to be active. This is why we have provided the option to unpublish your EasyLink page if it is no longer needed.

You can un-publish your EasyLink account by navigating to your settings page on Plann. Make sure you are on the specific brand + EasyLink that you want to deactivate then follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to Settings Page

  2. Scroll down to EasyLink section

  3. Click un-publish EasyLink.

Please note: You may not be able to recoup this content and/or template once unpublished.

Will I lose my EasyLink username if I delete it?

Although you will lose your content and/or template that you created on your EasyLink, your URL/username will remain tied to your Plann account so someone else cannot claim it.

However, If there is no activity on your link for 6 months we may remove or reassign your username, after first contacting you

If you have any questions or need a hand, please contact support.

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