If you find an appropriate or illegal EasyLink profile, find out the steps to report them.

Anyone can use an EasyLink profile with their Plann account, but there are guidelines on what you can or can't do and what type of content you can post or share to your EasyLink page.

In short:

  • You aren't allowed to infringe anyone's intellectual property, privacy or other rights.

    • This includes using someones trademarked brand or Intellectual Property as your EasyLink username**.

  • You aren’t allowed to post or share any content that violates laws or regulations.

You can view the full list of guidelines in our Terms and Conditions here.

If you find an EasyLink profile that goes against our Terms and Conditions of use, you can report them by filling out the violation report here. Our team will review each violation report and act where necessary to best improve our standards.

**Please note: If you are reporting someone for infringing your copyright or intellectual property, you will need to provide legitimate evidence that you own the copyright. For example, if you have a trademark certificate or physical copy of a copyright ownership for the brand name.

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