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How To: Share your content calendar with your team
How To: Share your content calendar with your team

Want to share your work in Plann with external team members? Shareable Links are here for you!

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We know that quick collaboration and effective communication is the key to success, and this involves ensuring that the whole team is up to date on projects, campaigns, and brand progress.

Plann's Shareable Links allows you to create a unique URL, and share it with your team members, higher management, or clients to direct them to a specific part of Plann where you have been working on your Brand's unique content!

With the Shareable Links you can:

  • Share a link so your team can join you directly on an individual social media Post.

  • Share a link to your overall ‘grid aesthetic’ across any social media platform you’re working on.

  • Share a link to someone outside of Plann, (like a manager, or your clients), with a note, in a simplified view-only mode that makes you look ultra-professional.

You will be able to not only share View Only Links, but also Team Collaboration Links to expedite the creative process and keep everyone in your team on the same page! Here's everything you need to know:

View-Only Links

  • You will be able to hide drafts from your read-only links, add a note to the viewer, and make the link expire in 7 days (from the moment the link was copied)

  • You can reset the 7 days by toggling this option off, and then back on

  • You have the option to preview the link before it is sent to the external team member or client

  • People using the view-only link won't be able to comment or edit. If you want the viewer to edit or comment, we encourage adding an Extra Team Member to your Brand

  • Viewers can see scheduled posts, draft posts, and grid view for all the social media platforms that is connected to the Workspace

  • For each post, viewers can see the content, caption, and first comment (if any), as well as the scheduled date & time

  • Anyone with a link can view the content

Team Collaboration Links

  • Share a link with your Plann team members to collaborate on a post

  • Once the team member opens the link they’ll land on the post the sharing user was on. If you weren’t on any post, they’ll land on the Create Page

  • The team member must have access to the Brand to be able to access the post


  • Efficient collaboration: External team members can view content without requiring access to the Plann workspace, enabling smoother collaboration and communication.

  • Expiry option: You can set an expiration date for the link, ensuring that access is limited to a specific time frame and reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

  • Draft hiding: The ability to hide drafts when sharing ensures that only finalized and approved content is visible to external team members.

  • Streamlined workflow: By enabling easy sharing and viewing of content, the feature enhances collaboration and coordination between internal and external team members, saving time and effort.

Are you ready to share everything with your clients and team? Here's how:

  • At the top of your workspace where Shareable Links are available, you’ll see a ‘Share’ button.

  • Choose your link style and customize the sharing settings.

  • Copy your unique URL and send it to your recipients.

  • They can then access the link from any device and collaborate or view the content with the permissions you created just moments ago.

Still have any questions or would like an extra hand to learn more? Please contact support and our team will be happy to help you out!

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