Sharing Plann With Team Members


You can use both Plann App and Plann Desktop to share with team members.
For the best experience, we recommend using Plann Desktop. 

The biggest difference between the two is that as a manager, you can pay for your team inside Plann Desktop. Where inside the Plann App - Apple/Google require each individual person to upgrade themselves.

Plann Desktop 

1. Once you've logged into Plann Desktop, on the top left hand side of the navigation bar, click the 'Add Team' button

2. Enter your team member's name and email address, then select the 'Role' you would like them to have.

3. An email invitation will be sent to your team member's email address. From there, they will need to follow the prompts.


Plann App

Here's how it works:

1. Each person downloads the Plann App and logs into the shared Instagram handle.

2. Each person upgrades their own Plann to any of the paid App Only subscriptions.

3. You might need to remind your team members to upgrade (via the app store) to any of the paid plans on their devices. Once confirmed, your Plann workspaces will automatically sync.

The options to upgrade are based on how many Instagram handles each team member uses.
For example, if they use Plann for a personal account and a shared account, they'll need a PREMIUM plan to sync both.


If they only want to use ONE account inside Plann, upgrading to the BASIC plan is all they would need.(This plan is only USD$4 a month when billed annually, you'll find the details inside the Plann App).


If you have any questions on how team sharing works, or need any help getting set up, please get in touch with the support team!

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