Do I have to pay for both Plann App, AND Plann Desktop?


Heck no! 

Plann Desktop comes with complimentary Plann App. Just make sure you're signed into both platforms using your FACEBOOK LOGIN for everything to register (and sync together).

Paying for Plann App when you don't think you should be? 

If you're paying for Plann Desktop, and still have a Plann App subscription, here's what to do:
- Visit your App Store and disable your auto-renewing subscription.
- Forward your details to
- Include your Instagram handle and receipt

We'll add the remaining credit over onto your Plann Desktop account.

Want to use Plann App on its own? 

If you're wanting to use our classic, stand-alone Plann App only, then your app-store subscription is all that you need.

Not sure what you need? Here's a handy graphic to help.



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