I can't log into my Instagram account in the Plann app?


The LOGIN screen is from Instagram, you’re logging in directly into their database so we can access your 18 most recent images.

Unfortunately, we have no control over them saying your password is wrong or a suspicious login attempt has been made.

Firstly, please follow Instagram's troubleshooting guide for how to reset your password.

If you're sure that you're using the correct IG handle and password, there are a few things that could be happening:

  • Have you recently changed your password and currently using other apps logged into Instagram with the old password? (Or are you logging in using Facebook? The permissions are remembering your old password so you'll need to update all apps).
  • Clear the cache on your phone, we've heard this helps.
  • Make sure your Instagram App is completely updated.
  • Make sure Plann has permission to use data on your device.
  • Login to Instagram on your desktop and check the permissions you've given to other programs/apps, are some of these using the old password, or do you need to remove any.

The suspicious login attempt or security code sent is not from us. This is a security feature and message from Instagram themselves. 


Firstly, please try logging into Plann one more time and when it sends you the code, DO NOT log in. Instead, log into Instagram and wait until you receive a message from them asking you to confirm that it's you trying to log into Instagram from all devices and locations.


Please then try logging back into Plann. We recommend waiting for a little before doing this so that Instagram registers your confirmation in their app.


Still not working? Please switch your network from wifi or mobile data and try logging in again.

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