How much does a Plann subscription cost?


We have a great range of products to suit ANY style of Instagrammer!

You’ll have access to a 7-day free trial to make sure we’re both going in the same direction. 

Personal Instagram Accounts
Are you using Instagram to manage a personal account (or 3?), we recommend you use our classic Plann App.

Download the Plann App on the iOS or Android app stores anytime and trial if it’s right for you!

Simply log in with Instagram and click on VIEW PLANS in the App menu to view the pricing.

Business Accounts
Our Plann Desktop service is perfect for running business accounts, whether you’re flying solo or have a large team - we have something for everyone.

To use Plann on desktop, you will need to have an Instagram business account, linked to a Facebook business page, as we do ask you to login with Facebook. Both on the app and on desktop.

- For businesses run by one person

- For businesses that work in a team

Check out the pricing here.

** Plann Desktop Accounts will automatically sync with the app and include the app as a feature with FB business login.

All published prices are in USD$ and will be converted by the app store or Stripe payment gateway on the desktop.

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