For example, if have both an iPhone and an iPad, you can definitely sync your Plann across them.

All paid Plann'ers automatically have access to our global server network, allowing everything to be backed up and shared across your devices.

Simply log into Plann on your second (or third!) device and you’ll see your images, captions, hashtags and scheduled times appear like magic.

Tried it and it’s not working (eep!)?

– Ensure you've upgraded to any of our paid plans (they start from as low as $4 a month!)
– Make sure you’re using the same ID across both devices - it’s how Apple and Google know you’ve purchased.
– If you’re having trouble syncing across iOS and Android, please get in touch via the app and we’ll help you out as Apple and Google aren’t the best of friends sometimes!

Still having trouble? Send us a message at and we’ll get right on it!