Here are a few handy-dandy tips to help you along:

1. Have you changed your password on Instagram AND are you still logged into Instagram over a range of other apps/programs? If so, the authentication you’ve given is now old. But don't worry! All you need to so you’ll need to unlink all of your apps linked to Instagram and re-add them (including Plann) using the new password.

2. Are you up to date with your Operating Systems? Instagram likes to work with up to date Operating Systems, so make sure you're current with your Apple or Android updates.   

3. How's your internet connection? Make sure there is a strong enough connection for Plann to connect to Instagram.

None of these tips relate? Well, there is a chance that Instagram could possibly be running updates and causing a disruption to our service. If this is a problem coming from us, we will let you know here.