How to drag, drop, delete + schedule posts INSIDE Plann

We've worked with Instagram to make sure you can see 18 of your most recent live posts, in order for it to be easier to Plann your gallery.


To start dragging and dropping images in Plann, simply upload a minimum of 2 images into your gallery, hold down on the image you want to move until it start shaking and voila!

Here's a short video on how Plann can help you organise your Instagram feed:  

Why can't I drag, drop + delete posts that have already been posted on my Instagram feed?

Because the pics coming up inside the Plann app are directly shown from Instagram servers (in essence we are just borrowing the images!) there is no way to 're-arrange', move, delete or edit live images that have previously been posted to Instagram. 

Have more questions?

If you're still having trouble give your phone a shake to send us a report from the app so we can take a look at it