The LOGIN screen is a screen from Instagram - you’re logging directly into their database so we can access your previous 18 images and unfortunately we have no control over it.

Firstly, please follow Instagram's troubleshooting guide for how to reset your password and try logging into your account again.

If you're absolutely certain that you're using the correct Instagram handle and password, here are some of the reasons we’ve learned that could fix it:

✔ Make sure your Instagram app is completely updated.

✔ Clear the Cache on your phone, we’ve heard this helps.

✔ Have you recently changed your password and are currently using other apps logged into Instagram with the old password? If so, the permissions are remembering your old password so you’ll need to update all apps.

✔ You may be using Facebook or an email address / password that is linked to a single account in Instagram or Facebook. Please reset your password and log in using a dedicated Instagram handle and password for Plann.

✔ Login to Instagram on your desktop and check the permissions you’ve given to other programs/apps. Are some of these using the old password, or do you need to remove any?

If you’re still having trouble, please contact Instagram directly for troubleshooting.