*sigh. Sometimes technology doesn’t go as smoothly as the experience we designed for you.

Losing a draft after pressing the COPY & POST button

Once you press the COPY & POST button in Plann, your image will be automatically be deleted from your gallery after 5 minutes.

We’ve worked with Instagram to display your 18 most recent live images inside Plann, and once you’ve posted, your image will now be shown in this range.

The reason we’ve allowed 5 minutes is because there's a chance you might be logged into the wrong Instagram account at the time of posting, or you may have wanted to edit the caption or been distracted, so we allowed a few extra minutes so there is no extra stress when at posting time!

I’m on a paid Plann and lost images without pressing the COPY & POST button?

In some very rare occasions, your Plann might experience a temporary loss of communication with our servers, and may need a ‘kickstart’.

How do I get them back?

Simply logout of your Instagram account, then log back in.

Click on your username in the main gallery and you’ll notice a circle with a line through it, this is the logout button, click this to logout.

Logging back in should re-establish your connection with Plann’s global server network and bring your work back.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are on the LITTLE plan or participating in our FREE TRIAL, remember to save your work as logging out will remove your data!

Didn’t work? We’re here to help.

Send a message through the app from the CONTACT US button in the App Menu.

If for some reason the app does not allow you to send a report, please email support@plannthat.com with screenshots, what type of device you are using and the steps you were taking when something went wrong.

We’re here to help Monday - Saturday and will do our best to respond within 24 hours!