To login to Plann, you will need to have an Instagram Business Account linked to Facebook Business Page.

If you are logging into a client account, you will need to be an admin or team member of the associated Facebook Page.

If you have already set them up and still cannot login, please go to your Facebook Business Page settings, press “Instagram” in the left hand options and double check the correct Instagram Business Account is showing.

You can also open your Instagram app, go to settings and claim your Facebook Page to make sure they are linked.

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Wondering why you need to have a Facebook Business Page to use Plann Desktop? 

After Facebook had some security challenges in 2018, they became a lot stricter about who can work with them, specifically 3rd party tools like us who work directly on their platform.

We passed their tests and business submissions with flying colours (because we’re not doing anything gross!) but they did make a few new rules that include how much data we’re allowed to ask for on your accounts for you.

Having a Facebook Business Account, linked to an Instagram Business Account, allows us to implement their most updated API Integrations and share as much as possible with you.