If you’re using Plann for personal use, we recommend that you use our Plann App.

You can download the Plann App from the iOS or Android App stores and get started straight away by signing in with your Instagram handle.

If you’re using Plann for business accounts, then our Plann Desktop service has been designed for you!

You’ll need to have an Instagram Business Account (linked to a Facebook Business Account) in order to signin to our new product.

If you run both Personal and Business accounts on Instagram, it can be done. It involves using the Plann App and switching between the Instagram login (Personal Accounts), and the Facebook login (Business Accounts and Plann Desktop) to access all of your scheduled work.

**If you’re using an Android device, hang tight! We’re working on getting this to you asap!

For extra help on how to do this, pop us a note to support@plannthat.com, we’re here to help.