Things don’t look the same across your Plann’s?

We’ve designed Plann to automatically talk to each other, but if something isn’t working as it should, here are our top troubleshooting steps:

- Firstly, please try clearing your browser's cache/cookies first, here’s how.

- Try logging in and out of both Plann App and Plann Desktop to force a sync between the two.

- Lastly, try deleting Plann App off your device and re-installing, sometimes if an app is interrupted during installations it can cause an issue with the software acting up.

Could it be that you still need to login to Plann with a Facebook Business Page?

- Make sure you’re registered/signed into Plann Desktop

- Update your Plann App to the latest version in the app store.
- When opening Plann App, you’ll be prompted to login with a Facebook Page (you previously have been logged in with your Instagram credentials, and we’ll need to update your details behind the scenes.)

If you have an existing Plann App subscription, we’ll pop up in the app and ask to back up your work automatically (this is us moving your work from an Instagram login, to your new Facebook login) Please say yes!

If you miss the little love note, tap our in-app menu and choose BACK UP PLANN to force it manually.

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