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Can I use both Plann app and Plann desktop?
Can I use both Plann app and Plann desktop?
Updated over a week ago

You absolutely can!
Your Plann subscription comes packed with features, including the ability to use Plann across Plann Desktop and the Plann App.

Want to use the Plann App and Plann Desktop?

Make sure you're signed into both platforms using your email login for everything to register (and sync together).

Learn more about how connecting a Facebook Business page will give you serious business analytics & advanced features here!

But what if I'm already signed in with Facebook? Do I have to start over?

Nope! It's as simple as logging in using your Facebook login and then following the prompts to update your login credentials to your Email + Password!

โ€‹Want to use Plann App on its own?

If you're wanting to use the Plann App only, then that's cool. Simply log in to the app using your email!

If you have any questions or need any help, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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