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How To: Create carousel posts on Plann desktop
How To: Create carousel posts on Plann desktop
Updated over a week ago

Looking to share a few images about a certain topic, campaign or product with your audience, but don't want to fill your feed with multiple rolls of images? Then Carousel Post is for you!

How to Create Carousel Posts

1. Click on the 'Create' tab

2. Navigate down to the 'Post' tab and click '+' symbol

3. Select multiple images from the various media folder options

4. Select 'Add' in the bottom right hand pop up


Adding additional images to create a Carousel Post

If you’ve scheduled something and then decide you need a Carousel post, it's easy to update!

1. Select an uploaded image in your grid and click on 'Edit'

2. Click on the '+' symbol below the image to add more media and turn it into a Carousel Post.


You can schedule your carousel content to be auto-posted to Instagram! 🎉

Psst... If you are scheduling your carousel posts when using a Free Plann account, you will receive a reminder to post on your phone (make sure to download the Plann app) on the chosen date and time, and you will only need to click on the 'Copy&Post' button.

This will take you to Instagram with the caption copied for you and the first media of your carousel selected. The remaining media will be saved at the top of your camera roll to be easily added to your post!

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact support.

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