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‘This Facebook is Already Connected to Another Account’ message
‘This Facebook is Already Connected to Another Account’ message
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Expecting to see your work but instead receiving the 'Facebook is already connected to Plann' pop-up?

It's happening because each Facebook Business page can only be connected to one Workspace.

Here are the likely reasons why this pop-up is appearing & how to overcome it:

  1. Your Facebook page is connected to an alternate email address of yours:

    When you first created an account with Plann you may have used an alternate email address. Your Facebook business page is connected to the Workspace with that email address.

    So, here's what to do:

    • Log out (not sure how to do that? Here's more about Logging Out)

    • Log in using the email address indicated in the popup

    • You're in!

  2. A colleague has already connected the Facebook Business page to their workspace:

For teams who have multiple people connected to one Facebook Business page, it's common that someone else in the team has the Facebook Business page connected to their workspace.

So, you have two options:

  1. Ask the Workspace owner to invite you to the workspace ('s how Add/remove a team member to a Workspace)


  2. Transfer the page to your account by disconnecting it from one Plann account and reconnecting it on the other (here's more about that: How to disconnect a Facebook Business Page and reconnect it somewhere else)

If the Workspace owner is incorrect or you no longer have access to this account you see here, please contact us.

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