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Can I add trending audio to Reels using Plann?
Can I add trending audio to Reels using Plann?

Looking to use trending audio to level up your Instagram Reels game? Let's go!

Updated over a week ago

We know how important Reels are to your business and we're constantly updating Reels features as they are released by Facebook.

At the moment, to schedule your Reels to be auto-posted with Plann, Facebook only allows for original audio, but when they make that update on their end, you know we'll be first in line to add it in.

You can still schedule a Reel using Plann and add in the trending audio using your Instagram app. Here's how:

  1. Create, plan, and schedule your Reel for "manual posting" in the Plann app (the add audio feature is not available for auto-posting)

  2. You can do that by selecting a custom time and keeping the 'Auto Post to Instagram button' toggled off

  3. Plann will send you a push notification on your phone to remind you that it is time to post. Make sure to download the Plann app and log in to the same Plann account

  4. When you receive your "Time to Post" notification, click "Copy + Post"

  5. Select your Reel video

    1. Your Reel will be downloaded for you in your camera roll

  6. Tap "Audio" and Choose the audio you'd like to add

  7. Paste your Caption

  8. Share your Reel!

If you have any questions or need a hand, please contact support.

That's it! Happy Plann'ing! πŸ’™

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