What is EasyLink?

Find out how to set up and use our link-in-bio tool, EasyLink!

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At Plann, we’re all about simplifying the big wild world of social media and making sure that the time you spend online is creating the impact you want – whether that’s selling a product, growing your audience or sharing new content and offers.

Our hyper visual, customizable link-in-bio tool EasyLink, allows you to share multiple pieces of content and website links under one page/URL, so you can share it across all your social media platforms.

What are the benefits of our EasyLink + Plann Duo?

EasyLink is designed to enhance the (sometimes very frustrating!) process of creating, managing and sharing content across the internet, with a link-in-bio tool complimenting our existing software product, so you get a full management social suite. No need for an extra link-in-bio subscription elsewhere!

This means you can have access to Plann’s existing features, alongside a link-in-bio, all without starting from scratch.

Plus, you’ll be able to sell and showcase your products through the Instagram Grid Display on EasyLink, and get Instagram link scheduling directly from your Plann workspace to your EasyLink page - it's all integrated in one place!

How much does EasyLink cost?

EasyLink is included in ALL Plann subscriptions, whether you're on the Free trial, Free Forever or Paid Plann subscriptions. Each Plann subscription will have its own level of EasyLink features, so you can optimize and add-on based on your specific needs and goals.

You can find out more about what EasyLink features you get in each subscription by going to this support article here.

Can I have multiple EasyLinks using the same Plann account/email address?

The short answer is, yes! Each brand gets one EasyLink, so to add more EasyLink pages, you'll need to upgrade or add another brand(s).

Each Plann account comes with access to one EasyLink. To create and use multiple EasyLink's, you will need to add more brand(s) to your existing Plann Plus subscription, or upgrade from the Free plan to a Plann Plus subscription.

You can learn more about how to add additional brands (or team members) to your Plann account by reading the support article here.

You've sold me! How do I create my own EasyLink?

To create an EasyLink, you will need to have an existing Plann account. If you don't have a Plann account yet, you can register here. It takes just a few minutes!

If you’re an existing Plann user, you can create an EasyLink page by simply logging into your Plann account and navigating to the left hand-side, to find the EasyLink section. Easy!

I want to know how to set up my EasyLink.

To find out how to set up and use your EasyLink page, check out our support articleand watch the video here.

If you have any questions or need a hand, please contact support.

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