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Can I Have More Than one EasyLink Page
Can I Have More Than one EasyLink Page

Find out how you can have multiple EasyLink URLs and use them with multiple brands

Updated over a week ago

Because EasyLink is such a valuable tool to sell products, market your business and increase engagement, we want you to be able to use multiple EasyLink pages across your multiple brands!

Can I have multiple EasyLinks using the same Plann account/email address?

The short answer is, yes! Each brand gets one EasyLink, so to add more EasyLink pages, you'll need to upgrade or add another brand(s).

Each Plann account comes with access to one EasyLink. To create and use multiple EasyLink's, you will need to add more brand(s) to your existing Plann Plus subscription, or upgrade from the Free plan to a Plann Plus subscription.

For example, if you are on our Build Plann Plus subscription, you will have access to 2x brands on your Plann account, which means you'll be able to have 2x different EasyLink URLs (one EasyLink per brand). However, if you would like to manage 3x brands and have 3x EasyLinks, you will need to add an additional brand to your existing subscription.

You can learn more about how to add additional brands (or team members) to your Plann account by reading the support article here.

You can check out the prices for each Plann plus subscription by checking our pricing page here.

If you have any questions or need a hand, please contact support.

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