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FAQ: Does scheduling with Plann affect image quality?
FAQ: Does scheduling with Plann affect image quality?
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We know how important it is to share great quality media with our audience and we are sure that this is something you always pay attention to when posting to your social media!

There are some image requirements on Meta's end to make sure that your content is published in the highest quality possible! Here's every detail you need to know to preserve the quality and resolution of your media when using Plann.

All platforms have file size and pixel with a limit of 8MB 1440px. Photos shot by later iPhone’s, Android devices and DSLR cameras can go over 3 to 5 times this limit. But for social media the 8MB 1440px is sufficient quality for online/digital viewing.

It is also important to note that Instagram only accepts JPG, so PNG, HEIC, WEBP and any other format will be resampled to JPG.

Resampling images from one format to another can sometimes make noticeable affects on quality of the photo conversion, depending on the use of gradient, lighting (brightness and contrast), focus etc.

There is also the matter of Colorspace, and most of what our users see as quality change is actually color change. The safe Colorspace is sRGB.

At the end, the most important thing to note is that the resizing and resampling done by our system is not done to accommodate Plann.Instead, Plann resizes and resamples to make publishing/auto posting possible based on the requirements of Instagram's API.

If you resample the photos based on the mentioned Instagram's API requirements before uploading, our system will store and auto post your images without any conversion or manipulation.

Uploaded photos are resized or resampled when it does not meet the requirements of auto post's API.

You can refer to this Meta content to make sure that your image's and video's specs are withing the recommended to maintain the best quality possible!

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