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Can I automatically post Instagram Reels using Plann?
Can I automatically post Instagram Reels using Plann?

Find out how to auto-post Instagram Reel using Plann

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This a great question and the short answer is yes!

You can use Plann's Auto Post feature to automatically post Instagram Reels (and heaps of other content) to your Instagram account.

You can rest easy knowing your Reels content will auto post for you the same way your images, videos, and carousels do.

In order to use the Auto Post feature for Instagram Reels, you do need to ensure you are using either an Instagram Business Account or a Creator Account, and your content fits the following specifications.

  • Size Maximum: 1920px by 1080px

  • File Size Limit: 100MB

  • File Type: .mov, .mp4

  • Aspect Ratio: within 4:5 to 9:16 range*

  • Video Duration: between 3 secs and 15 min

To learn how to turn on Auto Posting for all your content, you can read our support article here.

To choose if you want to auto post each Reel or not, all you have to do is:

  1. Add the media you want to use for your Reel

  2. Choose a media to be the cover image

  3. Edit all the details such as caption and hashtags

  4. Tag other Instagram users to your Reels, as long as they are set as public accounts

  5. Rename the audio title (original_audio) in your Reels

  6. In the Auto Post to Instagram section, toggle the button on if you want Plann to auto post that Reel for you

  7. Schedule a date and time

  8. That's it :D

*For the aspect ratio we recommend 9:16 to avoid cropping or blank space. If the aspect ratio of the original image is not 9:16, we crop the image and use the middle most 9:16 rectangle as the cover photo for the reel. If you share a reel to your feed, we crop the image and use the middle most 1:1 square as the cover photo for your feed post.

Please note: Personal accounts won’t be able to use the auto post feature. This is because Instagram/Facebook only allow Instagram Business Accounts and Creator Accounts to use this feature (we know, we’re bummed about that too). 😥

Videos with cover images are now supported for both Manual and Auto-Posting!

If you choose to have a cover image, please make sure to select the cover image and the video - if only the cover is selected, the publishing won't be completed.

If you have any questions or need a hand, please contact support.

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