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How To: Use Plann's Team Chat + Approval Flow
How To: Use Plann's Team Chat + Approval Flow

Working with a team across your social media content? Want to comment + approve posts, or chat with your team? We've got you covered!

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Working with a team to collaborate on your social media posts? Awesome! Let's learn how to use Plann's Team Chat + Approval Flow

Once you've created a post, you can start a conversation with your team members. You can ask for:

  • Help with getting the caption right

  • Double-checking your creative is 'on brand'

  • Sending the right, intentional message

  • Assistance with scheduling your post at the right time

How Do I Get Started with Team Chats + Approvals?

  1. Invite Team Members to your Plann workspace

  2. Create a post for any platform

  3. Click the "Chat" icon

  4. Ask questions, make comments, send emoji reactions to your team, or approve the post

You can tag your team members and be notified when you are tagged or when a post is approved! Here's a help article about our Notifications Centre and team tagging.

Check out this video to learn more about how to utilize Plann's team chat + approval flow (less than 2 min):

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact support.

Happy Plann'ing πŸ’™

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